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Thread: Want to move back to NZ with US husband

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    Question Want to move back to NZ with US husband

    Hey guys, I'm a NZ citizen and have been living with my US husband for almost a year in the USA.

    My US husband and I are about to apply for a residence permit to move to NZ under the Partnership Policy. We have to send our application to Washington in the US. Does anyone know the wait time for this branch? It doesn't say on the website. I was hoping to be approved by December, cos we have our NZ wedding reception (over a year after our actual wedding) on January 1st and was hoping to move there for good before then.

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    Maybe INZ Washington can't put a definite time limit on processing applications as it sounds like they have a rather erratic schedule to keep up with.

    Peak application periods

    Our busiest periods are in May/June and in December/January as a result of the increasing numbers of American students requiring student visas for the first or second semesters of the New Zealand academic year. The Visa Unit at the New Zealand Embassy in Washington DC has only three staff members, so processing times for all visas may be longer during those busy periods.

    From here.

    Maybe it would be an idea to contact them directly and they may be able to give you an up-to-date idea of how long applications are taking.
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    Hi Kelvan:

    Have sent you a message in regards to this. We went through NZ Embassy Washington for my husbands PR application.

    I hope the information I sent you helps.



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