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    Default Health Insurance question

    I noticed that one of the parameters for applying for a Working Holiday Visa involves having comprehensive health insurance for the whole year. Does this need to be supplied by an insurer in the U.S. (my home country) or can I apply for a premium in NZ? How much does this cost? Any help is appreciated!

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    You could have a look through some NZ health insurance sites and get a few quotes for comparison. Perhaps the travel agent you are going to use to fly to NZ could suggest prices for long term travel health insurance. I once had a policy that covered me for a year through the travel agent although that was quite a while ago. It would be good to carefully read through what is available on each policy offered to make sure it's going to be suitable for your purposes as they often vary.

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    A few links in here.
    A help website when choosing health insurance. Not sure if you would have to pay for their services.
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