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Thread: Your honest opinion on work visa under partnership

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    Default Your honest opinion on work visa under partnership

    My (now) husband had been living and working in NZ for about 20 months under the skills shortages work permit but got his extension denied and was given 12 days to leave the country. We got married in this time (i know immigration don't take much notice of this, that wasn't why we got married) after being together for 6 months and he went back to his home country of Mexico where he is now reapplying for a work visa under partnership.
    I think most of the clauses/evidence we are fine on
    - we were living together and can prove it (letter from the leaseholder and redirection letters)
    - we have a joint savings account and I am a signatory on his personal account
    - countless facebook documents (pages, conversations, photos) that show public recognition of our relationship
    - both our transaction histories which show us spending money at the same places
    - we bought our wedding rings and registration fee from our bank account
    - letters from our friends and my mother testifying to our relationship
    -communication between us
    - I'm going to mexico next month to meet the rest of his family/ because I miss him
    BUT obviously, we will not be living together AT THE TIME the application is made because he is in Mexico and I'm still here in New Zealand, will this affect (damage) our application chances?

    What do you guys think? Do I have enough evidence? I don't know what I'll do if his application is denied as I have to finish my studies here so going overseas isnt an option. The embassy in Mexico also said they would only take 20 days to process so I want to make sure I have all the information I need before we submit.

    Thanks in advance for ANY help you can provide!!!

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    Hi Jess,

    If your husband is applying under this category, it does look like you would need to be living together when the application goes in.

    You must show that you are living together with your partner in a genuine and stable relationship at the time the application is made.

    How long are you going to Mexico for? Just wondering, as a long shot, if the application could be submitted when you are both together in Mexico. You certainly have some good evidence relating to your relationship, but I don't know how INZ would regard it if you aren't actually living together as it appears to be a condition for applying. Sometimes it's possible to explain to them why you can't live together despite being a dedicated couple so it might be worth speaking to them directly to see if something can be worked out especially if you were living together when he was in NZ.
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    But I am thinking, what If he was never denied his application and just went to Mexico for a holiday while we applied for the partnership policy? Obviously he wouldn't be literally still living with me but we would still be considered "living together". He still gets his mail redirected here and all his possessions are still here (neither of our names are on the lease) and *when* he comes home, he will return to living here. So could we say that we are living together in a stable relationship? I don't want to lie to immigration but this seems a bit ridiculous, we're only not going to be "living together" between now and when I go to Mexico in 30 days! I don't really want to send the application when I arrive in Mexico because that is just delaying sending in the application and how would I prove that I live with him in Mexico anyways? It will only be for 3 weeks.

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