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Thread: got into immigration loop. need advice.

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    Default got into immigration loop. need advice.

    hi everybody,

    I got into an immigration's magic loop and dunno how to get out of it. I got a work permit under Immediate Skill Shortage List (ISSL) in Wellington branch about a year ago. Now my profession is out from the list.

    In this year my life situation changed and i met my new partner. I really would love to live with him, just the problem is that he lives in Auckland. And i'm here in Wellington. Even he is NZ citizen, i can't apply for work permit under the partnership as we don't live together. I currently spend 3.5 days in Wellington working and 3.5 days in Auckland visiting my partner. I constantly commute. My partner can't leave his job and move down to Wellington. I would love to move up there, but I am limited by my visa.

    Finally I got a job offer in Auckland (same job title, different employer and different location) and thought that i could apply for var of conditions. But today found out that i can't. I must apply for a new permit in Auckland.

    As my profession is out from the ISSL my new employer has to prove that he couldn't find kiwi for that position and he doesn't seem to be very keen on waiting 2 months for an answer from immigration.

    so here we go, i can't move to Auckland because my visa doesn't allow me to and can't get visa under partnership as we don't live together (and we don't live together because my limited visa). if somebody knows how to get out from this loop, could you pls share it with me.

    thanks in advance.


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    Hi Saulytes

    I think the nearest you could come is this although it is generally used for partners who are outside NZ and want to join their partners in the country. It does say 'You must show that you are living together with your partner in a genuine and stable relationship at the time the application is made' so you don't need to have lived with him for 12 months as is normally required in a partnership visa. Now the problem is, how long would it take your new work permit to come through, so that you could take up the job you have been offered? It may be worth speaking to INZ directly about this and ask if you could go via this route. For this particular visa, you don't need a job offer, so it shouldn't matter that it is no longer on the skills shortage list. It's worth a try.
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    thanks a lot for your time and quick reply. you are such a great help!

    i was wonderring what would happen if i'd get fired. would immigration give me more time to sort myself out: like to go to Auckland and find a job (i could use my offer of employment and maybe they would sort it out faster). does anyone knows how does it work?

    thank you

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