I'm not sure if anyone can answer this question or if its the kinda thing I need to ask an actual advisor about.
I'm in the process of completing my work visa application. Im a midwife and have already secured a job offer in NZ. My job offer doesnt have a specific start date, just that I need to start prior to Nov 1st but Im aiming to try and be over there around July time.
So, in completing my visa application its asking for my entry and departure dates. Well, I dont know my entry date as I cant book flights etc until I have the visa and I dont know my departure date as 1) I dont know how long of a visa I'll be offered and 2) Im planning on applying for PR pretty much straight away so not actually planning to leave anyway (I'm only going down the work visa route as its the fasteset way to get over there, have the necessary points for PR already)

Does anyone have any thoughts on how I should go about filling this section in?