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Thread: Partner VISA - Some help would be really appreciated I am confused!

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    Default Partner VISA - Some help would be really appreciated I am confused!

    Hi everyone,

    Let me introduce myself, my name is Emilie and I'm 24 from Leeds, UK. I'm new to this site and have been doing a lot of research online re. moving to NZ. I am somewhat confused and overwhelmed by the information given to me both over the phone and on the NZ immigration site. My current situation is that I have been with my NZ boyfriend for 1 and a half years. He has a dual passport as his Father was born in the UK. He wants to go home in June and has asked me to go with him which I have said yes to (huge decision but I really want to be with him and am very happy - plus loved it there when I visited at Christmas with him)

    I have spoken to and read allsorts of info online and have been told I cannot be sponsored by my boyfriend to live there because we have not been living together for 12 months. We have been living at my parents address since November 2009 so what I was advised by the Immigration call centre in London was to go on a WHV and then apply for a sponsorship in November 2010 whilst we are in NZ as we can prove we have been living together for 12 months. I am being told that the WHV should be for travel with secondary intentions or working or studying - but really I would be going out to be there with him which is why I am a little confused. I got an email from the New Zealand immigration people today saying that "The evidence of relationship submitted will be determine by the allocated Immigration officer to your application, if applying under partnership. A letter from your parents may be used as confirmation for verification." This leads me to believe that I could potentially apply for my boyfriend to sponsor me regardless of if we have been living together for 12 months?! I have spent hours on the Immigration govt site and there is so much information to digest.

    I have a fair amount of proof to show we are a stable couple. So far I have:

    * Photos - pictures of both of us here in the UK and in NZ when we visited at christmas
    * Plane tickets with our names on to show we have visited NZ as a couple
    * Credit card bills coming to the same address with our names on
    * Set up a joint debit card account last weekend
    * A letter of consent from parents before we leave
    * A relationship timeline - I've read about this on the forum and believe it may help us

    If you could any more tips on this evidence that would be much appreciated!

    I guess I am confused what VISA I should really apply for because I keep getting told different bits of information which has been confusing. If I apply for my partner to sponsor me, would this be rejected because we have only been living together since November? My primary intentions for going to NZ is to be with him - so does the the WHV really apply to me?! I do not have a job offer over there currently so would be going over to seek employment, and do not fulfil the requirements of a skilled migrant. I am tearing my hair out with this, and it is disgraceful when the call centre for NZ immigration on the 0906 number is 1 a minute! (Good job my parents don't mind! :) Can anyone shed any light for me - maybe I am over worrying and there is more simplicity to this than I feel at the moment!!

    Thank you guys :)

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    Hi Emilie,

    I have just been through the immigration process (for permanent residency) and I was initially worried about the relationship evidence part of my application because my partner and I aren't married. For permanent residency the requirement is that you have been in a stable committed relationship for a year. This means basically living together as a couple with some sort of proof. The letter from your parents would have to say that this was the case. Believe it or not I ended up getting a letter from our parents even though I am over 40! (well it made me laugh at the time)

    It doesn't sound like that would apply to you at the moment because you haven't been together long enough - unless you have other evidence that you were living together a year ago. The option that they have suggested is going out under your own steam so to speak. The working holiday visa is applicable if you are under 30 years old and lasts for a year (you can also apply for an extended one of up to 23 months if you are from the UK but then you need to do a medical as well)- it has nothing to do with your boyfriend. You can think of the WHV as a holiday visa that lets you do temporary work.

    Then after you have been with your boyfriend for a year in a committed relationship then you could re-apply for a more permanent visa while still over there.

    Of course if you weren't intending to work you can also go over without a visa from the UK for up to six months.

    That's my understanding anyway. I'm not an advisor by the way so just take this as my opinion.

    Cheers and good luck.

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