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Thread: Talent work to residence visa waiting time ??

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    Exclamation Talent work to residence visa waiting time ??


    I arrived into NZ at start of February - got really lucky had job interviews and job offers within a few weeks and got stuff send over from home (Ireland) pretty quick - anyway submitted the talent work visa application on 1st of march, got an email in mid march about something on my medical (one of the blood tests) which was slightly outside the normal limits (the doctos who did my medical told me it was nothing to worry about) so it had to be sent off to an independent medical professional to clarify the abnormality. Anyway just wondering if anyone has applied recently under this visa(talent) and how long did it take them before it was approved ?????? just getting worried as I only have a 3 month visitor visa which is up at start of may !!!

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    Hi John,

    It might depend on which branch is processing your application and what their work load is like. I had a medical referral done which took about a month, but that was via the London office. If you're really worried, I guess the only way to know for sure would be to politely ask your Case Officer for an estimate. I suspect the times probably vary.



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    At the London branch medical referrals are taking 6 weeks to be assessed. Apparently there is a high volume of referrals at this time

    Of course this will vary from branch to branch but when I e-mailed my case officer with this query he replied the same day

    I would advise e-mailing your case officer

    It's not long to May


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