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Thread: Complicated- work permit issue affecting residency application

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    Default Complicated- work permit issue affecting residency application


    Long story, I'm afraid.
    Then again, I dont know if immigration matters will ever be short, sweet and simple?
    Currenlty parnter and I are on two year work permit (partner main applicant on shortage skill list). This expires Dec2010. In Aug09, we decided we wanted to carry on and build a permanent life in NZ, so we applied EOI. EOI accepted 2 weeks later.
    Partner started to have some doubts about his current employment JobA, to the point he became quite depressed. So he applied for new job and got a one month trial at with a new employer JobB.
    We applied for a variation of conditions to work permit, as his permit stated he could only work at JobA.
    We got the variation approved and received passport back stating he could work at JobB.
    In the passport, the original visa and permit with JobA was still present. We assumed (and dont we all know, one should never ASSUME) that because the new contract at JobB had specified that it was a trial period, that INZ had left the other stickers in passport.
    After two weeks of absolute hell at new JobB, partner went to ask for his job back at JobA. They were thrilled to have him back as he is one of their best employees. They had him back, all drama was over (so we thought) and we sent in our ITA Dec 09.
    ITA was based on EOI, both of which had JobA as partner's place of work. INZ have now emailed to say that our ITA is based on JobA and this is incorrect, we need to send in all current employment details for JobB as this where my partner should be working according to his last permit variation.
    So now we need to phone to speak to the verification unit and explain all this....what worries me is that although both permits, stating work allowed at jobA and jobB are in his passport, has my partner been working for JobA for 3 months when we should of applied for another variation to say that he had returned to JobA?
    also, what path will INZ take with us? Will they slap us on the wrists for not informing them that partner had gone back to jobA (honest mistake) or will this affect our NZ residency application? Will we need to reapply? Or get the variation in the passport?
    My stomach sank when my partner read the email to me this morning.
    Help please!

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    Looks like your partner is going to have to explain the situation to INZ and throw himself on their mercy. I wouldn't like to guess what their reaction would be, but it's best he sorts it out sooner rather than later so he knows what he has to do to correct the situation. Let's hope they are keen enough to keep his job skills, see him continue to work and will put him on the right road again without any damage to his PR application.
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