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Otago board wants NZ ban on all campervans
4:00 AM Saturday Feb 13, 2010

The Otago Conservation Board wants a national ban on campervans and will lobby the Government to try to get its way.

However, opponents of the fledgling movement have labelled calls for the blanket ban ridiculous and absolute lunacy.

Freedom campers have been frequently condemned by community leaders for the mess and human litter they leave on roadsides and at scenic parking spots around the Queenstown Lakes and Otago.

Discussions during a meeting of the Otago Conservation Board at Tarras yesterday centred around freedom campers, the mess they create and campervan rental companies.

Board member David Holdsworth, of Portobello, said the rental companies needed to take some responsibility for the mess their customers created.

He called for a licensing scheme which would make the companies responsible for the actions of those who hired campervans.

Andrew Penniket, of Wanaka, called for a national ban on the vans. Freedom campers contributed very little to local and regional communities, he said.

Automobile Association tourism head Peter Blackwell said a general call to ban campervans in New Zealand was absolute lunacy.

But more could be done when travellers arrived and hired campervans to make them aware of New Zealanders' expectations, he said.

Board members voted unanimously to draft a letter to their Department of Conservation superiors calling for the Government to ban campervans.


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