Immigrants face school headache
By Lincoln Tan
4:00 AM Tuesday Jan 26, 2010

Lourdes Sarmiento is reapplying for a work permit to try to keep Azil, 14, and Alexis, 6, at school. Photo / Dean Purcell

Filipino accountant Lourdes Sarmiento says she is still at a loss over what to do about her children's education.

Since speaking to the Herald last week, Ms Sarmiento - who has extended her stay in New Zealand by applying for a visitor permit - says she is reapplying for a work permit, in a last-ditch effort to get her two sons back to school.

Her sons, 6 and 14, went to Milford Primary and Rosmini College in North Shore City last year, but will be unable to start the new school year because she cannot afford the international student fees.

Immigration said although children of overstayers could apply for a limited-purpose permit to attend school in New Zealand, those of parents with expired work-to-residence permits could not.

These children are eligible for domestic student status only if a parent's work-to-residence permit remained valid.

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