Key hints at property tax, GST rise not ruled out
By Brian Fallow
4:00 AM Wednesday Jan 20, 2010

On the eve of release of the long-awaited report on taxation, John Key yesterday indicated the Government was open to reform which traded personal income tax cuts for some form of tax on investment property.

The Prime Minister also said he could not rule out an increase to GST.

A working group made up of tax accountants, officials and academics has been reviewing the options for substantial reform of the tax system for nearly a year, and is to release its report today.

Mr Key has seen the report, and said at his post-Cabinet press conference yesterday that "not all of the options will be acceptable, but nor will all of them be rejected".

Asked if he could rule out an increase in GST, Mr Key said "no" then left the podium, saying he was not going to engage in a game of 20 questions.

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