NZ rated in top 5 places to live
By Yvonne Tahana
4:00 AM Friday Jan 8, 2010

New Zealand is the fifth-best country to live in, according to an index run by magazine International Living.

That's up four places from ninth last year, when the magazine described the country as an Antipodean outpost, "stunning" but with "drawbacks" such as being 12 hours from the United States and the difficulty with immigrating here.

The American index is pitched at those who are retiring or want to migrate. It ranks 194 countries which offer the best quality of life, considering cost of living, culture and leisure, economy, environment, freedom, health, infrastructure, safety and risk, and climate.

This year, the survey raved about "pristine landscapes", the Auckland waterfront and Southern Alps - calling Godzone the type of place younger migrants could relocate to and raise a family. Positive, too, it said, are rebounding property prices.

The magazine then cut and pasted from Immigration New Zealand's website other reasons why the country deserves to be in the top 10.

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