80 per cent want drivers to be aged at least 18
By Rachel Tiffen
4:00 AM Monday Jan 4, 2010

Eighty per cent of people want the legal driving age raised to 18 or higher.

A Herald-Nielsen survey of 2300 people found 74 per cent would like the driving age raised to 18. A further 6.5 per cent wanted it lifted to 20.

The result follows the deaths of three teenagers on the roads at the weekend. Jessica Law, 16, was killed and two other teens critically hurt north of Queenstown on Friday. And two youths died in the Northland settlement of Opononi early yesterday.

The survey comes as the Government considers ways to reduce the road toll. Transport Minister Steven Joyce has released the "Safer Journeys" discussion document, which puts forward more than 60 suggestions for changes to laws, regulations and policies, including lifting the minimum driving age from 15 to 17.

But the Automobile Association says increasing the age is not going to make our roads safer.

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