Police to breath-test all motorists stopped over holidays
By NEIL REID - Sunday News
Last updated 05:00 20/12/2009

Every New Zealand driver stopped by police over the festive season will be breath-tested.

Police unleashed a nation-wide blitz on Friday night, testing more about 40,000 motorists for alcohol and drugs.

One hundred and four motorists returned positive breath tests, 32 people were arrested and 23 cars impounded.

Superintendent Paula Rose, nation manager of road policing, last night issued a stark warning to those who drink under the influence of booze or drugs, saying they would be caught: "No matter who you are".

"We are not prepared to wait while people die," Rose said.

"We know that our presence on the road has a significant deterrent effect and we want to maximise it.

"We will continue to be out in force over the whole country and we will apprehend anyone we find driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs no matter who they are.

"We need to share the roads with care and we want to make them as safe as we can this Christmas."

Officers in the Central police region which covers Wairarapa, Manawatu and Taranaki stopped 3042 motorists and none were over the legal limit.

Senior Sergeant Kris Burbery said: "We're delighted with the results.

"Testing that many people and not finding anyone breaching the drink-drive laws always gives us hope that people are listening to the safety messages.

"At this time of year our main aim is remind drivers of the rules of the road and hopefully ensure that every member of the family reaches their destination and is sitting safely around the dinner table on Christmas Day."

Burberry said the police stings would continue throughout the festive season, with every driver stopped by police for what ever reason breath-tested.

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