It's summer - but not as we'd like to know it
By KELLY BURNS - The Dominion Post
Last updated 05:00 12/12/2009

It is the twelfth day of summer and Wellington is in for more of the same showers, gales and just a glimpse of the sun.

Only one day out of the past 12 has been fine and even then the temperature only peaked at 20 degrees celsius.

Meanwhile, other parts of the country are basking in real summer glory, with Gisborne and Napier reaching 29 and 28 degrees celsius yesterday.

MetService spokesman Bob McDavitt said since December 1 the date meteorologists use to measure the summer months there had been striking differences between parts of the country. It had been a "land of two halves".

"In the west it's been the wettest and in the east it's been the windiest. And Wellington's had both," he said.

Dunedin and Napier had the strongest winds though wind gusts had reached 120kmh at Castlepoint.

Those living in the Wairarapa, Gisborne and East Coast have had a string of windy, hot days.

Westland and Taranaki had the most rain, with more than 150 millimetres measured in Hokitika this month, and over 500mm in parts of the Southern Alps. But Wellington also had just over 30mm of rain this month.

Of Wellington, Mr McDavitt said: "The weather there has been cloudy, windy ... and warm days but not many of them."

MetService said the culprit was a subtropical northwest flow extending from Australia across the Tasman and over New Zealand, which was "stuck" in position.

Summer would be slowly "creeping in", Mr McDavitt said, with sunny spells next week. But first you have to get through today, forecast to be showery and windy, but with a fine afternoon.

MetService yesterday issued a severe weather warning for heavy rain for the western South Island, Tararua Range and strong winds in exposed places from Canterbury to Wairarapa, including Wellington.

Wellington's 12 Days Of Summer

December 1 wet and windy with 24mm of rain. 12 degrees celsius low, 16C high.

December 2 2.4mm rain and southerlies. 13C low, 16C high.

December 3 2mm of rain and southerlies. 10C low, 13C high.

December 4 dry, cloudy with southerlies. 10C low, 16C high.

December 5 dry with northwest winds. 11C low, 20C high.

December 6 very strong northerly winds and a little rain. 14C low, 18C high.

December 7 dry, cloudy and windy. 13C low, 19C high.

December 8 dry, cloudy and windy. 14C low, 19C high.

December 9 dry, cloudy and windy. 15C low, 19C high.

December 10 dry, cloudy and windy. 16C low, 18C high.

December 11 4mm rain, wet and windy. 16C low, 19C high.

December 12 forecast to be morning showers, then clearing with northerly winds. 11C low, 20C high.

Source: MetService

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