Australia leads NZ in 10 of 11 categories
By Simon Collins
4:00 AM Tuesday Dec 1, 2009

Australians live longer than we do, in bigger houses, and have more leisure time.

The report of the Don Brash-led taskforce on how to catch up with Australian living standards by 2025 quotes 11 items from everyday life to illustrate how the Aussies do better with their bigger incomes.

It cites only one item where New Zealand does better: McDonald's burger bars. We have 36.9 of them for every million people, compared to 34.9 per million people across the Ditch.

Some of the differences seem small. Australians live, for example, for an average of 81.1 years, just under a year longer than those of us who stay here. We live until we're 80.2.

Others seem of dubious value. The Aussies have more cars, television sets, cellphones and cinemas than us, and drink more alcohol and fruit juice. But most of us probably don't feel too hard up on any of those measures either.

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