NZ third on list of migrants' choice
Page 1 of 2 .... 4:00AM Friday Nov 06, 2009
By Lincoln Tan

New Zealand's adult population would balloon to more than 11 million if it were to take in all adults who wish to settle here, a global survey by Gallup shows.

Using what it calls the Potential Net Migration Index (PNMI), New Zealand registered third, behind only Singapore and Saudi Arabia (Eh?? Surely not? ), as immigration destinations.

The index is calculated on the number of adults wishing to leave a country permanently subtracted from the estimated number who wish to immigrate to the country, as a proportion of the total population.

A higher positive PNMI value means the larger the potential for net population gain proportional to the country's population size.

New Zealand posts the third-highest positive PNMI across 135 countries surveyed, with a net migration index value of 175 per cent, behind Singapore's 260 per cent and Saudi Arabia's 180 per cent. Canada registered fourth on 170 per cent and Australia had 145 per cent.

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