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Immigration law rewrite passed by Parliament
Last updated 17:09 29/10/2009

The Immigration Bill, a five-year rewrite and update of immigration laws, passed its third reading in Parliament today.

The 497-page bill contains numerous changes to existing legislation designed to make it easier to understand and implement.

"The aim of the review was to modernise and future-proof the legislation," Internal Affairs Minister Nathan Guy said on behalf of Immigration Minister Jonathan Coleman.

"The future is upon us and this bill has never been more important. . .it is vital we have legislation that allows us to protect the border and the integrity of the immigration system."

Among the changes are the creation of a streamlined deportation system and a new, independent appeals body to replace four existing agencies.

The Green Party opposed the bill, saying it contained too many restrictions on people's rights and increased the secrecy surrounding decisions on refugee claims.

The Maori Party had concerns about human rights and also opposed the bill.

It was passed into law on a vote of 108 to 12.

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