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Thread: Petrol prices climb by 5c a litre

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    Default Petrol prices climb by 5c a litre

    Petrol prices climb by 5c a litre
    1:57PM Wednesday Oct 28, 2009

    Fuel prices are moving up again.

    BP has led the charge and Mobil says it is following suit this afternoon.

    The price of 91 octane has gone up five cents to $1.65.9 and diesel is up four cents to $1.07.9.

    The oil companies are attributing the rise to an increase in product prices and the weakening New Zealand dollar.

    Shell and Caltex say they are still reviewing their prices.

    Gull retail business manager Graham Stirk said his company will not be increasing prices today and will review their prices tomorrow.

    He said while there has been pressure on costs of fuel on the international market, the Kiwi dollar is stable.


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    Sounds like it's time to get me a smaller vehicle!
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    I love it, petrol comes down in price several weeks after the FX rate changes due to expensive 'stockpiles', but goes up the DAY the FX rate moves back the other way. The price of crude and strength of the dollar is way more favourable than when I first got to NZ, but petrol was $1.06 when I got here.

    I wonder what will happen when the world is taken over by hydrogen powered vehicles. No doubt the water rates will go through the roof then.

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