Finding work is a tough job
4:00AM Saturday Aug 29, 2009
By Maria Slade

After three months, more than 50 job applications and regular contact with 30-plus recruitment agencies, Giles Aubrey is still unemployed.

The 37-year-old IT project manager has sent out mass emails, posted a video on YouTube, used social networking websites Twitter and LinkedIn and put advertisements in the Herald, all in the hope of attracting an employer.

With the jobless rate running at 6 per cent, the Ponsonby father of two knows he is not as badly off as some. "I'm not whingeing and complaining that I can't have any lattes."

But what has surprised him is how tough the search has proven to be. He has been without a job before, but this time around he is not even getting interviews, he says.

Mr Aubrey has been working his contacts "to the point of feeling like an Amway salesman".

He was made redundant from financial services company Suncorp with half a dozen co-workers earlier in the year. Only two have so far found new positions.

Mr Aubrey said there were a large number of well qualified candidates chasing very few jobs.

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