Shake-up of road rules ranges far and wide
4:00AM Tuesday Aug 18, 2009
By Mathew Dearnaley

Banning hand-held phone calls while driving and requiring motorcyclists to ride with lights on at all times are just two of a raft of road-user rule changes.

Eighteen other changes coming into force on November 1 will run the gamut of life on the road, from towing speeds to child-safety locks in taxis and the use of motorcycles on footpaths to deliver mail or newspapers.

Three are aimed at giving cyclists more riding flexibility, but another prescribes a $100 fine for anyone riding a bicycle, mobility scooter or skateboard at a hazardous speed on pathways shared by pedestrians.

A definition of just how fast is hazardous is absent from Transport Agency background information, although 10km/h is proposed as the maximum for motorcycles or mopeds using footpaths with the permission of local councils for delivery purposes.

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