'Bored' retirees refuse to quit
4:00AM Sunday Aug 02, 2009
By Nicola Shepheard

The number of people working beyond retirement age has more than tripled in the past decade, as the Government faces down calls to raise that age to 67.

Statistics New Zealand figures show 77,600 people aged 65 or over were in paid employment last year, up from 24,700 in 1998.

More than one in six people in this age group were in paid work at the last census, including 12,423 people aged 75 to 84, and 2325 aged 85 and over.

One of them was Rangiora man Christopher Russell, now in his late 70s.

Russell retired from his sales job in 1995, but after remodelling a house he was keen for something else to occupy him.

He looked up an Australian business acquaintance and started marketing and distributing odour control units for sewage pumping stations and sewers. He is contracted to supply six units to the new town of Pegasus in North Canterbury.

"I couldn't bear to be doing nothing," Russell said. "Most of the people working on the contracts are fairly young but they never say anything about my age. They make allowances for me - for example, I can't walk as quickly so they slow down."

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