Kate Ross: Many employees pushed too far
12:00PM Monday Jul 27, 2009
An employment update from Kinetic Recruitment

In the last four weeks we have seen a big change within the job market.

Since the beginning of this year, there have not been many candidates with secure jobs wanting to apply for new positions. Most have been "head down" and flying under the radar rather than risk being pulled up by HR and given their walking papers.

However I can safely say now, based on our work levels, that as businesses have become more comfortable with what the future will likely hold for them, employers are moving towards securing new resources, on both a temporary and permanent basis.

One thing that has come through strongly when interviewing candidates, which we do daily, is the amount of people who have found the last year exhausting and who are ready for a change.

Candidates we meet are consistently saying the same thing; they are tired of being expected to pick up the workloads of redundant positions. In many cases their workload has doubled and they feel a lot of pressure internally. This can make for an unpleasant working environment.

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