English family New Zealand-bound
By KIM THOMAS - The Press
Last updated 05:00 02/07/2009

Terminally ill Christchurch woman Jacqueline Jenner cried when told yesterday that her British family had received a medical waiver to allow them to move to New Zealand.

The residency application for Jenner's English daughter-in-law, Amanda Selen, was in limbo after she was deemed a high-risk applicant because of her HER2 breast cancer treatment four years ago.

Jenner's son, Matthew Selen, his wife and their three daughters want to move to Christchurch as soon as possible to spend time with Jenner, who has secondary cancers.

Jenner said yesterday that Associate Immigration Minister Kate Wilkinson had issued a medical waiver for Selen after reviewing her case.

This means her history of cancer will not get in the way of her application, although she will have to meet all other criteria.

The Press yesterday ran a story highlighting Jenner's plight.

Jenner said she cried when she received the good news.

"It is the best possible news I could ever get," she said.

"I am so grateful to The Press and to the Government for helping me make this dream come true."

Her family would arrive in Christchurch at the end of this month and live with her while they looked for a house and jobs, Jenner said.

They wanted to buy a house within walking distance of her Cashmere home.

The Selens sold their home in England and the couple quit their jobs in anticipation of a move to New Zealand.

Matthew Selen said he wanted to return to New Zealand after living in Britain for more than 20 years.

"I moved over there to play cricket for six months and ended up meeting Mandy, falling in love and having children here," he said.

"I want to come home to spend time with Mum and because I think it will be the best place for our three daughters to grow up."

Selen is a purchasing officer and his wife is a special-needs teacher. Their daughters are aged 14, 12 and 10.

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