Immigration surge strongest in six years
4:00AM Tuesday Jun 23, 2009
By Brian Fallow

The upsurge in net immigration gathered pace last month, with the largest net inflow since July 2003.

The net gain of 2700, seasonally adjusted, pushed the annual increase to 11,200, which is in line with the average increase of 11,400 since 1990.

But that masks the rate at which the net inflow of migrants is accelerating. The net gain of the past three months was 6600, up from 2800 over the preceding three months and a net outflow of 200 in three months before that.

It largely reflects fewer New Zealanders leaving for Australia and Britain, down 1500 (38 per cent) and 500 (36 per cent) respectively on May last year.

On the incoming side a 200 (10 per cent) increase in returning expatriates offset a decline of 300 (6 per cent) in the number of immigrants.

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