Price of milk too much for many families, study finds
4:00AM Saturday Jun 20, 2009

Price increases for milk and other dairy products are having a detrimental effect on children's health, University of Otago researchers say.

The Wellington-based team found that since February 2007, soft-drink prices had remained steady but milk had risen from $2.64 for a two-litre container to $3.21 last month.

"It means that milk, a basic nutritional product, fundamental to children's health, is often outside the reach of low-income families," said Moira Smith, of the university's department of public health.

Researchers blamed moves by successive governments for the price increase.

These included removal of Government subsidies and control of the milk industry, ending price control, application of GST on food and linking retail prices to international commodity prices.

Only 38 per cent of children drank milk daily, 34 per cent weekly and 17 per cent did not drink it at all, the study found.

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