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Thread: Britons find paradise in New Zealand

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    Default Britons find paradise in New Zealand

    Sorry Meadow. Not quite how you're feeling at the moment.

    Britons find paradise in New Zealand
    4:00AM Thursday Jun 18, 2009
    By Isaac Davison

    British expats find New Zealand is less crowded and their lifestyle here is healthier and less stressful. Photo / Alan Gibson

    New Zealand has been described as a "paradise" by British expats who moved here for a warmer climate and cheaper cost of living.

    A NatWest International bank survey of more than 2000 British immigrants living in 12 countries found that Britons in New Zealand rated the country highly in all areas.

    In the quality-of-life index, New Zealand came ahead of Canada, which topped the poll last year.

    Respondents said NZ had one of the lowest average property prices in the developed world, and many cited lower taxes than in Britain, a better quality of life and less stress as benefits.

    A favourable tax regime meant that although average wages were lower, earnings went further.

    NatWest International personal banking head Dave Isley said expats reported they were living healthier lifestyles while benefiting financially.

    The average salary in New Zealand was $28,427, compared with $65,841 in Britain, but the average cost of a home was only $293,000, compared with $592,000 in Britain.

    More here.
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    Default Cost of homes in NZ

    Interesting post concerning housing costs in NZ.

    By way of comparison, in Albemarle County (Charlottesville, Virginia, USA), the average house costs $371,000 with an average annual household income that exceeds $59,500. Annual real estate taxes are 0.77 % of the assessed value of the property. So, the annual real estate property tax paid on the above average home would be $2,957. What would the real estate tax in NZ be?

    Does NZ tax interest, dividends, capital gains on investments? What are the rates?

    Does NZ offer high speed internet (download speeds greater than 3 MB per second, upload speeds greater than .6 MB per second) in the countryside?

    I am very interested in getting detailed information on NZ. If someone reading this post in interested in providing that information in exchange for similar info in the US, I would be happy to comply.


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