Higher speeds - but higher costs too
4:00AM Saturday May 23, 2009
By Helen Twose

Broadband users in the main cities can expect juiced-up internet speeds later this year - but they will come at a price.

Telecom Wholesale - responsible for selling the company's network capacity to other telcos including its own retail arm - are installing high-speed (VDSL2) broadband technology to boost speeds over the copper network.

Four wholesale customers are trying broadband through VDSL2 equipment - WorldXchange, PlaNet, MaxNet and Telecom Retail - delivering average download speeds of 42 megabits per second and upload speeds of 16 megabits per second to end users.

The technology, once installed in exchanges and roadside cabinets, delivers significant speed improvements to customers on copper lines less than 1.5km from an exchange or cabinet.

Beyond that distance VDSL2 performance can be worse than ADSL2+ - the next step down in broadband technology.

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