Busy appointment book for clairvoyant
4:00AM Sunday Apr 26, 2009
Heather McCracken

Lynette Jennings doesn't look much like a ghostbuster. She has none of the high-tech gadgets sported by the lead characters in the hit 80s movie.

But the 62-year-old clairvoyant says there is increasing demand for her ability to clear homes of unwanted spirits and negative energies.

Jennings performs up to three "clearings" a week and said requests for her time had more than doubled in the past five years.

She says she's not an exorcist - that term is reserved for people who cast out demons.

Most spirits made their presence known by creating a heavy or cold feeling in the house, or by flicking lights on and off, she said.

"If they want to be noticed and if they've got a message they'll play havoc with the electricity."

Jennings charged up to $150 for her services but said she would never insist anyone have a clearing. She warned to be wary of people who did.

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