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Thread: Tenants enjoying 'lowest rents in a decade'

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    Default Tenants enjoying 'lowest rents in a decade'

    Tenants enjoying 'lowest rents in a decade'
    Page 1 of 2 ....4:00AM Sunday Apr 26, 2009
    Anna Rushworth

    Landlords across the country are slashing rents to avoid having their properties stand empty as tenants find themselves in the best position for a decade.

    Figures released by Crockers Real Estate this week showed substantial decreases across some of Auckland's most prestigious suburbs.

    The picture is similar in other centres, such as fast-growing Tauranga and adventure capital Queenstown.

    Letting agents said the recession meant cash-strapped tenants could no longer afford the record rents of yesteryear.

    And owners desperate to maintain mortgage payments on investment properties were being forced to accept shorter tenancy agreements than they wanted.

    Tamara Willis, property manager for Ray White in Auckland's Kohimarama, said the top end of the market was "very, very quiet".

    More here.
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    North shore city in Auckland is comparatively costly still.
    A decent 3 bedroom(one master bedroom plus 2 study or small bedrooms) ,garage(not internal) costs 400-430 per week in a good area.(mostly townhouse or units)
    Areas like Albany,Milford,Forrest hill,Takapuna costs a fortune to live.
    Even far areas like Orewa,Whangapar etc are costly.
    Top of it there is lawn maintenance charge and heating costs.
    My colleagues too feel the same.
    Even paying 400+ a week doesn't give us options here like
    2 car parks,
    independent house,
    spacious rooms,
    fairly new built like 80's,
    People say north shore is safe and has less crime compared to other areas but living cost is so high here!!
    Anyone living in North shore Auckland and can support or contradict my thoughts??

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