Drivers paying too much for petrol
Last updated 12:14 23/04/2009

A law change means drivers are paying too much for petrol, the Automobile Association says.

The change last year resulted in a petrol levy going into the National Land Transport Fund, which pays for roading-related projects including state highways, instead of a general Crown account.

AA spokesman Mike Noon said today that the outcome was that petrol motorists were paying a greater proportion than previously towards transport costs through the levy and other charges, while those who use diesel were unaffected.

He estimated petrol motorists were proportionally paying about eight cents a litre, or almost $300 million, than they should a year.

Mr Noon said it was unlikely the petrol contribution would be lowered, so road-user charges should be brought into line to make a more equal contribution.

"Really we need to be looking at road-user charges and how much they're paying...[and] make sure it's fair and everyone's paying their fair share."

A review group has reported back to the Government on the law change, but the outcome of the review was uncertain, Mr Noon said.


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