Third way for school zoning allows pupils to specialise
Page 1 of 2 ..... 4:00AM Friday Apr 24, 2009

Does anyone ever get tired of seeing the words, "Excellent location. In the zone for ..." plastered on signs and in advertisements? Clearly, many do not as they line up with their chequebooks to pay exorbitant sums of money to send their children to some school or other that is perceived to be successful or fashionable.

School zoning seems to be an issue again. It has been a vexed issue within the education system and various communities for years and that is unlikely to change, regardless of the particular model that is adopted.

There are three models for school zoning. Each is based on a different basic principle and has its respective advantages and disadvantages. Before any changes are made to the current system, the advantages of each should be considered carefully.

The first model holds that parents can apply to send their sons or daughters to whichever secondary school they wish, a system we had in New Zealand until the previous government overturned it. The basic principle is that parents should be free to send their children to any secondary school of their choice, regardless of where they live.

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