Broadband speeds improve, but cabinet questions linger
4:00AM Monday Apr 20, 2009
By Helen Twose

Telecom's investment in roadside cabinets has brought relief to communities plagued by poor internet speeds, but has created unease about a cut in competition.

Pt Chevalier lawyer Henry Chellew, who represents the Pt Chevalier Business in Service of Community group, said the end-user experience of Telecom's investment had varied.

"Some people are very happy. Some people are not that impressed and others have concerns about the cabinetisation really leaving Telecom in a position of superiority in terms of delivering services against competitors," said Chellew.

Two years ago, Pt Chevalier became a flashpoint for Telecom customers fed up with woeful internet service.

Since then the community became one of the first to benefit from Telecom's investment in upgraded roadside cabinets.

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