Graduates adjust to shrinking job market
4:00AM Monday Apr 06, 2009
By Jacqueline Smith

University graduates are realising they need to raise their game and lower their expectations as they come to terms with a lack of opportunities in the market.

University of Auckland's careers centre director, James Hairsine, said new graduates might have to settle for jobs that did not require a degree qualification or return to university to raise their skills.

He said New Zealand had been through a period of growth favouring graduates and as a result "Generation Y" had become accustomed to perks.

But now employers, who can pick from an oversupply of graduates, have the upper hand.

While he expects the majority of graduates to land jobs at the end of the year, they need to be realistic and not expect their first role to offer a high salary and company perks.

"Some students will get a reality check," he said.

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