From top to bottom Kiwis say life is good
4:00AM Monday Apr 06, 2009
By Eloise Gibson

The survey reveals a healthy population living in a safe society - but not all are active. Photo / Brett Phibbs

New Zealanders are relatively content with their lives, with most saying they are in good health, can afford everyday needs and feel safe in their homes after dark.

Telephone interviewers talked to 500 people in each of 12 main cities and districts and 2000 people from the rest of the country for the third National Quality of Life survey.

It found just over nine out of 10 people rated their quality of life as good or better.

Almost nine out of 10 people in the 12 cities said their overall health was good or better, and about 86 per cent in the 12 cities and 88 per cent outside them said they had enough money to cover everyday living costs.

The survey of 8100 people was paid for by 12 participating councils and the Ministry of Social Development.

Since the last survey, in 2006, far fewer people said they had not visited the doctor when they wanted to because of the cost.

The number of people who said they wanted to visit a GP in the past year but didn't fell from 20 per cent in 2006 to 6 per cent.

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