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Thread: If you're having difficulty finding a job....

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    Default If you're having difficulty finding a job....

    Employers' hiring expectations plummet
    9:00AM Thursday Apr 02, 2009

    New Zealand employers don't expect to be doing much hiring of new staff in the next three months, according to a report released today.

    One quarter of employers surveyed intend to reduce permanent staffing levels during the April to June 2009 quarter.

    The remaining three-quarters intend to increase or hold their current staff levels steady.

    This result is 19.2 percentage points lower than that recorded in the company's previous survey and is the lowest level recorded since the survey began in 1999.

    More here.
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    Default Should we not bother

    Hi Motherbear ,

    We plan on going to New Zealand at the end of the year for a visit ,and to look at recruitment. My Husband is in IT , as I have just read your post I am getting quite concerned about the job situation over there , because we plan on giving everthing up here to start a new life and even though he might get a job how long will it be for .

    It is quite a worry when it says they are sending all of the migrants home and it will be kike this for the next 18 months .

    I am beginning to wonder whether the money we are going to be paying out for visas etc will be a complete waste of money .

    IS anybody insame the situation (SHOULD WE STAY HERE )!
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    Kind regards Traci.

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    Hi Tracey!

    Yes the job situation here is not very good at the moment..
    I guess it depends what sort of visa you are planning to apply for

    If you apply for a work permit that means the work permit will most likely be for the job he has an offer for and if he loses his job that also means losing the work permit. If he applies for residence then at least he can look for a job doing something else and you wont have to leave the country if things with work don't work out.

    The whole process of applying might take a while anyway and hopefully until then things will be a lot better again... don't give up on your dream just because of the recession, it might be alot harder than usually but is certainly not unachievable! there are a lot of people out there emigrating still, so don't be put off! See what the situation is like end of the year!

    Good luck!
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