A long way to go to place flowers on a grave.

The new migrants: here for eternity
4:00AM Thursday Mar 26, 2009
By Lincoln Tan

They may never have been to New Zealand in their lifetime, but a new wave of "immigrants" could be spending eternity here.

A group of Singapore businessmen was here last month, and appointed an agent to help them look for land in the Hibiscus Coast area to bury dead people from cities such as Singapore and Tokyo, which are running out of cemetery space.

They toured much of the North Island, but decided on the Orewa area after consulting a Taoist priest and a feng shui master.

"Honouring their ancestors is an important aspect of most Asian cultures, and the group is also hoping that this cemetery project will give immigrants the opportunity to bring the remains of their ancestors to New Zealand," said the group's agent, a part-time tourist guide, who did not want to be named.

"It would spare future generations the inconvenience of having to go back to their land of origin to worship their ancestors in festivals like Qing Ming, and performing Bai Shan."

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