Brit conmen tour NZ in paving scam
By MATT CALMAN - The Dominion Post | Saturday, 21 February 2009

Four Englishmen are touring the country charging cash for shoddy work on driveways, police say.

The team of rogue workmen have told householders they had leftover "hot mix" in their trucks and offered to do cheap jobs for cash.

Many customers shelled out between $5000 and $20,000 for the work, but will now have to pay more to have the substandard work repaired. An Upper Hutt man paid $22,000 last week.

The gang had hired trucks and equipment, and used overseas travellers as labourers, Detective Senior Sergeant Dave Thornton, of Wellington, said.

"A lot of people are paying over cash cheques thinking they're getting a bargain.

"This is a group of professional criminals who are over from England. We're the next target on their world tour."

Upper Hutt man Kevin Bold said he was visited by the one of the men on Tuesday.

"He came rushing up the drive. He said, `The engineer has cocked up and we've got a truckload of hot mix left over.' He was in a real hurry."

Mr Bold said he felt pressured into the deal, but agreed. His driveway was resealed, but by yesterday it was lifting, crumbling in places and water had seeped under the edges.

When he saw the quality of the work and a bill in the men's folder for the $22,000 job, he rang police. He had expected to pay $5000.

He refused to pay when the men returned to price the job, telling them police were after them. They left quickly, he said.

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