NZ population grows 0.9 pc in 2008
Friday, 13 February 2009

New Zealand's population continues to grow, but mostly among those aged over 65 years-old, Statistics New Zealand said.

The population grew by 0.9 per cent, or 39,000 people, to 4,291,900 in the year ended December 31.

That was slightly slower than the 1 per cent increase in the previous December year.

The main driver of growth was the 35,000 more births than deaths, although a fall in net migration meant overall population growth slowed.

Population growth was highest for the 65 years and over age group, up 2.3 per cent, followed by the 15-64-year age group, up 0.9 per cent.

The number of children increased 0.1 per cent for the year.

The pattern has been similar for the last decade, Statistics NZ said, with the number of those aged 65 years and over growing by 22.5 per cent.

The median age for males was 35.5 years at the end of December, and 37.3 years for females.

The median age has increased by 2.5 years and 2.8 years respectively over the last decade.


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