Call centre staff trained to talk Kiwi
8:53AM Saturday Feb 07, 2009

Philippines call centre staff working for Telecom are to be trained to talk like New Zealanders, learning slang words and mastering the accent as part of a plan to cut jobs in New Zealand.

Telecom announced last week it would cut 250 call-centre jobs in New Zealand and shift them to Manila.

The company said it would put the new employees through a two-month training session.

Once completed, some would sound like "authentic Kiwis".

British-based Rob O'Malley, whose company employs more than 3500 call-centre workers in the Philippines, told the Dominion Post the results were often "staggering".

"You wouldn't know they are in Manila. You would think they are in an office somewhere in Auckland that's how good they are."

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