We haven't had a good NZ sausage debate on here for a long time.

Cheese kransky sizzles to the top
By STACEY WOOD - The Dominion Post | Thursday, 13 November 2008

"Moist and more-ish" is how judges described this year's supreme winner of the Great New Zealand Sausage Competition.

Chief judge Kerry Tyack said the Heller's cheese kransky was a superb example of the sausage and delivered on taste and texture.

Wellington butcher Goulds Fine Foods won a gold award in the international section with its spicy Thai sausage. Created by Alan Chan, it was flavoured with lemongrass, basil and peppercorns.

Todd Heller, founding director of Heller's, said its kransky was "the ideal Kiwi sausage".

Gary Beecroft, chief executive of Retail Meat New Zealand, said the competition helped raise the profile of the Kiwi staple.

"New Zealand is a sausage country, but the sausage doesn't really get the prominence it deserves."

The 14th annual competition drew 440 entries, with the winning snarlers presented yesterday at Wellington's Duxton Hotel.

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