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Thread: Career expo aims to lure Kiwis home

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    Default Career expo aims to lure Kiwis home

    Career expo aims to lure Kiwis home
    4:00AM Saturday Oct 18, 2008
    By Jacqueline Smith

    A job expo in London this weekend is expected to lure thousands of New Zealand expatriates home.

    Michael Barnett, chief executive of the Chamber of Commerce, says the United Kingdom is losing its appeal as a career launchpad and job insecurity is rife.

    "In markets around the world at the moment there is a shake up occurring and there is job risk for a lot of people," he said.

    He expected the expo to generate much more interest from expatriates than it did last year.

    Recruitment website nzrecruitme. already receives about 50 expressions of interest per day from people wanting to move to New Zealand, and had 4000 skilled people from across the world registered, Barnett said.

    "We've had increased activity from people who think New Zealand is a safe haven and stability," Barnett said.

    Hudson's executive general manager Marc Burrage said the company had noticed an increase in the number inquiries from Britain over the past two weeks: "We know the United Kingdom is not as attractive as it was."

    More here.
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    You can have all the interest in the world but can't come home if there aren't any jobs for them to fill.


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