Emigration stats give NZ thumbs up
New 4:30PM Sunday Oct 12, 2008
Heather Tyler

Clean and green, with short drives to work, stunning views and cheap housing - New Zealand has been getting a glowing airing in Australia this week after an immigration report saying Aussies are heading here to live.

For decades the immigration tide across the Tasman fell in Australia's favour but now New Zealand is the top destination for people leaving the wide brown land permanently.

Australia experienced its biggest annual exodus on record with 76,923 people leaving the country permanently in 2007-08, a 6.7 percent increase on the previous year.

Permanent departures headed for New Zealand (18.4 percent), the United Kingdom (17.8 percent), the United States (9.3 percent), Hong Kong (7.2 percent) and Singapore (6.4 percent).

The Emigration 2007-2008 report found that almost half the Australian residents that left permanently were in skilled jobs and nearly two-thirds were aged between 25 and 54.

Australian news media were quick to embellish the report.

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