Worldwide hunt for good teachers
Page 1 of 2 .... 5:00AM Sunday Sep 28, 2008
Anna Rushworth

David Hodge has gone to extraordinary lengths to fill teaching vacancies at his Auckland secondary school. The Rangitoto College principal flew more than 18,500km for a whirlwind recruitment session in Britain, completing 26 interviews in eight days in five cities in England and Scotland.

Hodge said the school usually recruited local teachers, but in subjects such as technology and physics there were not enough to meet demand.

The school advertised three times to fill a vacancy for a technology teacher, without success. "In many cases we won't get any applicants."

Hodge said he visited the UK each year to fill the gaps, and he's not the only one. On his last trip he interviewed a technology teacher who had a job offer from Auckland Grammar.

"It's bizarre. We are over there and we are competing with schools in New Zealand for the same people."

Hodge wants the Government to address teaching shortages by making the profession attractive again to young people.

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