PC world destroying NZ
4:00AM Wednesday August 27, 2008
By Simon Collins

Rugby legend Sir Brian Lochore says political correctness is destroying New Zealand.

Sir Brian, who coached the All Blacks to their 1987 Rugby World Cup victory, urged fathers to let their children take risks - but to lay down rules and impose "consequences" if rules are broken. He was speaking at a breakfast hosted by educators Parents Inc yesterday.

The group's founder, Ian Grant, told more than 1000 fathers at the event that society was turning fathers into "male mothers" obsessed with safety instead of adventure.

"Our society is trying to turn fathers into male mothers. You ain't," he told them.

Sir Brian, who captained the All Blacks from 1966 to 1970, laid the blame on political correctness.

"We are living in a PC world which is destroying us, where you actually can't put the hard word on people when they have digressed and committed bad blunders," he said.

"One of the advantages of being a farmer is that I was able to work with my children. You can take them on the back of your motorbike, which you're not supposed to do any more.

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