Police decide to adopt Taser stun-gun
2:15PM Wednesday August 27, 2008
By Patrick Gower

A taser is fired at a demonstration at the Royal New Zealand Police College in Porirua. File photo / Mark Mitchell

Police Commissioner Howard Broad has made an "in-principle" decision to adopt the Taser stun-gun - but in an unusual move wanted to hear MPs views before formalising it.

The decision to adopt the Taser was Mr Broad's alone.

But instead of being announced by Police, it was revealed in Parliament by Police Minister Annette King.

Ms King read the the ministerial statement this afternoon, saying Mr Broad wants MPs to "express their views" and will make his decision "shortly after".

"He also hopes MPs agree that his approach is the most appropriate one for responding to the issues of risk to the public and to the police; and for continuing the tradition of having a routinely unarmed police service, a value closely held by New Zealanders".

The statement also revealed the Taser will be equipped with Taser Cams, devices which make an evidential record when it is fired.

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