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Thread: School attendance Texas-style

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    Default School attendance Texas-style

    Skip school, be tracked by GPS
    5:00AM Monday August 25, 2008

    Court authorities in Texas will be able to track students with a history of skipping school under a new programme requiring them to wear ankle bracelets using satellite technology.

    But one group is worried the ankle bracelets, with global positioning system monitoring, will infringe on students' privacy.

    Linda Penn, a Bexar County justice of the peace, said she expects about 50 students from four San Antonio-area school districts will wear the anklets during the six-month pilot programme.

    "We are at a critical point in our time where we can either educate or incarcerate," Penn said, linking truancy with juvenile delinquency and later criminal activity. "We can teach them now or run the risk of possible incarceration later on in life. I don't want to see the latter."

    Penn said students in the programme will wear the ankle bracelets full-time and will not be able to remove them.

    "Students and parents must understand that attending school is not optional."

    - AP

    From here.
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    That's funny! Not really, its actually really sad. I understand the need for kids to go to school, but ankle bracelets? What happened to freedom? Oh, I forgot, the US doesn't have that anymore....that is why I'm leaving.

    I live in Austin TX...arriving in NZ mid October.
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    The US is a scarey place w/ loads of ideas to control our population. I truely believe that this is not the worst to come.
    I just wonder if Ill have enough time to escape this massive toxic bubble we call America, "Home of the Brainwashed".
    I know there are alot of troubled kids out there , I was one of them but,,geezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...blow me down..GPS tracking devices, RFID chips, chemtrails, NWO, nuclear waste...enough already!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Respect Nature...Hug a Tree
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duke View Post

    Respect Nature...Hug a Tree
    Are you Dawn in disguise?

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    I have been employing my masculine skills a lot recently. I am addressing the imbalance of my yin and yan as we vair speak. But the last time I checked in with my muscley mate he was not called Duke - that would be too macho for my alter-ego (no offence intended Duke ) Although, Gary is still insisting that I have big, hairy balls? Can't see it myself and I've checked with a mirror and everyfin

    Just thought I would put this Egyptian dance in coz it reminds of me of my class eh Lisa? Hee hee
    Passionate about the unfathomableness opportunities of kiwi-a-gogo-land

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