NZers finding times hard but not that hard
5:00AM Thursday August 21, 2008
By Elizabeth Binning

Rising food and petrol prices combined with high interest rates may be making life difficult but most people are fairly confident with their personal situations and believe others are worse off than them.

Although the Treasury declared this month that the economy is in recession, new research has found most New Zealanders are taking things in their stride and the country is experiencing a "half-recession".

"Despite the demand-side taking a beating, with high fuel costs, mortgage interest rates and food prices, people's confidence in their personal situation remains high," said Jill Caldwell, director of research company Windshift. "They generally see trouble as happening to other people, not to them."

Survey participants were asked to rate their personal mood or satisfaction life on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being as bad as it could be.

The average score for personal mood was 3.9 but people thought other New Zealanders were less happy, giving them a lower rating of 2.9.

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