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Thread: Auckland City Council improving love life?

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    Talking Auckland City Council improving love life?

    Firstly this appeared in Sideswipe: "Katie has discovered a rash of yellow plastic spots infecting footpaths in the central city, which in the rain become overwhelmingly slippery. "After falling over on my way to work, to the amusement of the workmen on a building site, I made some inquiries and apparently they are put there solely to discourage skateboarders. I hope this draconian decision on behalf of the council was worth it. Perhaps we should ask the jogger who fell over and fractured his neck on Friday night on the corner of Quay and Tapora Sts." from here

    The Council responded with this: "Auckland City Council spokesman for road safety, John Lister, says the yellow plastic spots on footpaths in the central city are not there to deter skateboarders. The yellow tactile pavers are there to give guidance and greater accessibility for visually impaired pedestrians. He says he is concerned at references that people may have hurt themselves and such instances will be investigated." From here.

    And finally in Wednesday's Sideswipe: "A quick note of thanks to the Auckland City Council for doing its best to improve my love life, writes Peter. "Those yellow corrugated slide pads on the footpaths at intersections are a godsend. All a single guy has to do is wait a few minutes for the next attractive female to slip over and then rush to her assistance. So far I have scored four cellphone numbers, a free coffee and a slap around the chops from a very tall lady with an Adam's apple on K Rd"
    From here
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    Sounds like a new pastime has sprung forth. They weren't put there by a nearby hospital touting for custom, by any chance? They must have a succession of casualties traipsing through there.
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