91-octane biofuel on sale at noon
5:00AM Friday August 08, 2008
By Mathew Dearnaley

Biofuel is spreading to mainstream 91-octane petrol in Auckland at noon today, as Gull introduces a 10 per cent blend at the first of its 33 stations.

The Australian family-owned company will also sell petrol below $2 a litre at its launch station in Albany.

Aside from a 5c opening discount through the weekend at that station, the company says it will try to keep its Regular Plus biofuel grade 2c a litre below its standard 91-octane petrol, which was selling yesterday for 201.9c a litre. That effort will be helped by a Government tax break on 10 per cent of the fuel.

Although Mobil has started selling a 3 per cent blend of 91-octane petrol in Wellington, that is derived from Brazilian sugarcane, making Gull the first to offer a locally produced biofuel component to a wide field of motorists.

Its feedstock comes from whey, a waste byproduct of Fonterra's dairy factories for which Gull has cornered the market ahead of the proposed introduction of minimum biofuel sales obligations in October.

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